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RGS Events Accommodation Villages Bump In Nears Completion

RGS Events Accommodation Villages Bump In Nears Completion

RGS Events has recently passed several key milestones in getting Rio de Janeiro ready for this summer’s Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The RGS team working on the Media Accommodation Villages project have now completed phase one Bump Ins at all three Barra Media Villages and the Deodoro Media Village. Four teams are now working simultaneously to complete the final few weeks of the project at all villages.


In the last three months the team has faced countless challenges and adversity and are now spread across different parts of the city. With far less people in one place than previously, the crew onsite is having to work harder and smarter to achieve the necessary efficiency to complete the projects.

The team has had to face numerous challenges in order to complete the operation; apart from the usual issues faced during any bump in they have had numerous unexpected complexities thrown at them. Yet none of them have flinched or complained – the team simply got on with the job no matter what, in the true spirit of RGS.


What is perhaps most pleasing is that rather than fall apart in the face of extreme adversity; the team has united to become stronger and better equipped than ever. This is especially encouraging given that the final task is the most important: ensuring that everything now aligns in the right place at the right time to complete the mission.


Until February of this year, nobody had ever completed a bump in of an Olympic village in South America. Now this crew are on the brink of doing it four times. The challenge is mighty, but the team have shown that they are ready and capable.


Jon Parker, Project Manager



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