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RGS Events Bump In – First of Three Press Villages Completed

RGS Events Bump In – First of Three Press Villages Completed

This week RGS Events hit a major milestone when we completed our first bump in of FF&E for a Rio 2016 Village.


Since the end of February, the team have been assembling and distributing furniture in the brand new hotels that make up one of the three media villages located in the stunning subtropical rainforest region of Barra. With the first phase of our operation at one of the villages already complete, the team now head to a new village on Monday to start again.


It is hard to communicate quite what a stellar job the guys have done on the ground these last three weeks. There have been a plethora of challenges unlike anything we have seen at previous Games, and yet the team of 87 personnel on site have come together to tackle everything thrown at them and get the job done to a high standard and on schedule.


We experienced 45 degrees, high humidity and torrential rainstorms (often in the same day), yet somehow the team overcame everything and got 27 trucks of FF&E 100% distributed and assembled. This is no ordinary project, either. Every room of every apartment of every floor of every building of every village is unique in its furniture allocation, requiring a tremendous attention to detail whilst still maintaining a high speed of operation. There are 52 different products from multiple suppliers to deal with and the sheer complexity of the task means no two days are the same.


In just three weeks we quadrupled our production speed of assembling desks and wardrobes and we managed to offload a truck of 200 double mattresses in 25 minutes. The group we have is not afraid to problem solve, think outside the box and work up a sweat until the job is done thoroughly and correctly in a timely fashion, the ethos behind everything RGS Events does.


The team now carries huge momentum forward to the next village and the next set of challenges that await us. We can’t wait to get started again.


Jon Parker, RGS Events Project Manager –  Rio 2016 Accommodation Villages



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Leo on March 23, 2016 AT 07 am

Hard and well done JP ! 👊🏼

Paula Finizola on March 24, 2016 AT 12 pm

Yeahhh, what a beginning we had! “No two days are the same” defines perfectly how our weeks have been. Congrats to the team!!!

André Florencio on April 10, 2016 AT 01 am

Great text Jon! Our team is awesome, we doing our best to get everything right.