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The Start Line

To be able to stand at the start line of the 100-meter sprint takes a huge amount of planning and preparation before you are equipped with the right set of tools to compete in that race.


Likewise, with any large-scale event, there is a lot of work that needs to be done in the lead up to ensure everything is in place for a successful outcome.


Today marks one year on from our first day on site for the Bump In of the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games Athletes Village. That day, together with the GOLDOC Village team and Kelly Services we brought together and trained the 38 staff ready to commence the enormous task ahead.


During the contract there were many hot days, long hours and Logistical challenges which we endured. These challenges were overcome and managed successfully due to the planning and hard work done in the lead up to get us ready to reach the starting line.


In 2014, whilst working on the Glasgow Commonwealth Games we had our first meeting with GOLDOC to commence discussions about RGS being a part of the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games. What followed was multiple workshops and presentations, tenders and meetings which led to a contract being signed in mid 2017.


As is necessary with all successful operational planning we always had multiple contingency plans in place. This was important for everything from the installation timeline, the resource planning for crew and the FF&E delivery schedule. The ‘goal posts’ are always moving so we needed to ensure we could adjust accordingly. As we know all too well, in the Games world, nothing ever goes to plan.


Logistically we had to plan for 100 x 40’ containers to be sent directly to the Village in a Games first. This meant we were able to receive all product “just in time” saving GOLDOC costs on both transport and warehouse space. This took a lot of time and planning and was the basis for all our other plans to stem from.


To get us to the point of being ready, RGS utilised skills from all areas of our business including the Procurement, Shipping, Project Management and Dissolution divisions. Each team formed part of the planning process to ensure we were able to successfully produce an end to end solution for the delivery of FF&E for the Athletes Village.


One year ago today we were ready to take on the challenge and take on the challenge we did! We are currently in the planning stages for the next global events where we hope to again be a part of a legacy by being a part of a world class, large scale event.







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